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It is agreed by the visitor that this website is a proprietary property of AGRANTE REALTIES LIMITED, and that the information provided herein is only for use by the visitor / surfer/prospective customers/existing consumers, to read. By using our web site, you consent to the collection and use of your information by AGRANTE REALTIES LIMITED organization. Our privacy policy is subject to change and we would post the same on the website so that all the users have access and information about the privacy policy of AGRANTE REALTIES LIMITED.


At AGRANTE REALTIES LIMITED we are committed to protecting and respecting the privacy or all our customers and visitors.
The information collected from customers when signing up is used for dispensing the desired information and administration purposes only and will be kept confidential. Contact information collected will be only be used internally, towards which we have necessary consent from the users and visitors, who have consented by visiting and using the website. The visitors who have subscribed to our news update, investor’s registration also have accorded consent to receiving further updates and information from AGRANTE REALTIES LIMITED.

We may also use the information we collect to occasionally notify you about important functionality changes to the web site, new products & services from AGRANTE REALTIES LIMITED, its sister and affiliate companies, and special offers we think you’ll find valuable. If youwould rather not receive this information, send us an e-mail to: ceo(at)agrante(dot)com.

We endeavor to assist you with access to our knowledge base and occasionally, we might ask you questions pertaining to acquiring knowledge of confidential and personal nature.  We also might post the generic level queries, poll results and answers provided by the registered visitors on the website of AGRANTE REALTIES LIMITED, and its affiliate companies.  If you would prefer us to not post your opinion / questions to our website then you must indicate your wishes in your email or within the information you send to us via our contact forms.

Credit / debit card numbers are neither desired nor allowed to be posted on any of the AGRANTE REALTIES LIMITED and its affiliate websites and any client divulging any such information, inadvertently or intentionally is directly responsible for his actions, which the management of AGRANTE REALTIES LIMITED strictly prohibits.

When visitors use the website, information such as the ISP’s domain, the time accessed and the pages visited may be stored by us. This information may be used to analyze the web traffic and improve content of the site, thereby ensuring better client satisfaction.

Any personal information contained within customer’s websites and online orders is their own responsibility. We have taken security measures to ensure that our customers are protected against loss, alteration or misuse. AGRANTE REALTIES LIMITED is neither responsible nor liable to verify the domain names, contents, business practices etc. of visitors to the site who post details of their websites, contact information etc, accessible to other visitors to the AGRANTE REALTIES LIMITED site(s).

We do neither recommend nor refer other websites, unless explicit agreements entered into for an affiliate marketing programme.
In the event that an exclusive and dedicated account is created with AGRANTE REALTIES LIMITED, customers are responsible for ensuring that only authorized personnel access their accounts. If for any reason you are concerned about this, please contact us on ceo (at) agrante (dot) com.

Should you have any queries relating to our Privacy Policy, please contact us at ceo (at) agrante (dot) com.



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